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Our society needs people that will work the jobs that

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Our society needs people that will work the jobs that are important in our everyday lives. Students that fail in college should be the ones that go to vocational schools to get the training in the job fields they will be involved in. High schools need to prepare these students better for vocational jobs and not just tell them that college is meant for everyone. Biberman says, “He [President Obama] should have told us that our high schools need to offer more vocational training and that these sorts of programs need to continue in community colleges,” (Biberman). Biberman also says, “Many students in college today come away from the experience without having learned much of anything,” (Biberman). This concludes that these students that are going into vocational jobs should not be wasting their resources, especially when they aren’t grasping anything from higher education. A reason that people should have higher education is because we learn the skills needed in life. The majority of jobs in the U.S. require computer skills and social skills in order to be successful at a certain field. Vivek Wadhwa and Sandy Baum, unlike Matthew Biberman and Richard Vedder, disagree that college is unnecessary for vocational jobs. Vivek Wadhwa states, “Most jobs require technology and social skills the stuff you learn in college,” (Weber). Educating people through college will ultimately make them better and more complex for their jobs. In higher education, students are taught to think more critically and analytically. Hacker believes that “Abandoning the constrictions of academic fields,” (Hacker) will get students to be more open and understanding to the new information taught in college classes. Hacker also states, “Things happen at college, whether you major in medieval philosophy or fashion
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merchandising,” (Hacker). Receiving higher education prompts students to be more knowledgeable and benefit the rewards that come with a college education.
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