4 Analysis of variance ANOVA can be used to see whether there are any

4 analysis of variance anova can be used to see

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4. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) can be used to see whether there are any differences across the categories of the non‐metric variables with respect to any of the metric variables. 5. Correlation analysis measures the degree to which there is a linear association between two interval or ratio scaled variables. 6. Multiple regression can be used to explain the variation in dependent variables (outcome or effect variables) using other metric variables as independent variables (predictors), and/or test for differences across groups (using dummy variables). 7. Cluster analysis to identify key market segments 3. Key Descriptive/Summary Statistics First, briefly describe the data based on the information you have. For EACH of your variables, provide appropriate descriptive statistics. These could include frequency bar-charts/histograms or descriptive tables. You only need to produce a bar chart/histogram for each variable (i.e., the SPSS frequency table is NOT required) You can also choose descriptive tables for metric variables. For the re-coded variables in these RQs, provide this information for the re-coded version (i.e., not the source variable from which the re-coded variable is derived)
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