Fit & Proper Criterea for Sharia Boards of IBI

Qualification and experience in exceptional cases

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qualification and experience in exceptional cases where the person is otherwise qualified for giving Shariah rulings on banking and financial matters. 4. TRACK RECORD a. The Shariah Advisor must have an impeccable track record in social, economic and financial dealings. b. Has not been terminated or dismissed in the capacity of employee or director/chairman from any institution, firm or a company. 5. SOLVENCY & FINANCIAL INTEGRITY a. Has not been associated with any illegal activity especially relating to banking business. b. Has not been in default of payment of dues owed to any financial institution and/or default in payment of any taxes in individual capacity or as proprietary concern. 6. INTEGRITY, HONESTY AND REPUTATION a. Has not been convicted in any criminal offence or involved in financial impropriety and moral turpitude. b. Has not been subject to any adverse findings or any settlement in civil/criminal proceedings particularly with regard to investments, financial/business, misconduct, fraud, etc. c. Has not contravened any of the requirements and standards of regulatory system or the equivalent standards of requirements of any regulatory authorities. d. Has not been debarred for giving religious rulings by any religious institution/body. 7. CONFLICT OF INTEREST a. Is not a Shariah Advisor of any other Islamic Banking Institution (IBI). b. The conflict of interest shall not apply if a Shariah Advisor is nominated by the SBP in its own Shariah Board. ********
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