Think grow rich by napoleon hill an action summary the

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Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill An Action Summary
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The commonest symptoms of this fear are: The tendency to slow down and develop an inferiority complex at the age of mental maturity, around the age of forty, falsely believing one’s self to be “slipping” because of age. (The truth is that man’s most useful years, mentally and spiritually, are those between forty and sixty). The habit of speaking apologetically of one’s self as “being old” merely because one has reached the age of forty, or fi fty, instead of reversing the rule and expressing gratitude for having reached the age of wisdom and understanding. The habit of killing off initiative, imagination, and self-reliance by falsely believing one’s self too old to exercise these qualities. The habit of the man or woman of forty dressing with the aim of trying to appear much younger, and affecting mannerisms of youth; thereby inspiring ridicule by both friends and strangers. SYMPTOMS OF THE FEAR OF DEATH . The general symptoms of this fear are: The habit of thinking about dying instead of making the most of life, due, generally, to lack of purpose, or lack of a suitable occupation. This fear is more prevalent among the aged, but sometimes the more youthful are victims of it. The greatest of all remedies for the fear of death is a burning desire for achievement, backed by useful service to others. A busy person seldom has time to think about dying. He fi nds life too thrilling to worry about death. Sometimes the fear of death is closely associated with the Fear of Poverty, where one’s death would leave loved ones poverty-stricken. In other cases, the fear of death is caused by illness and the consequent breaking down of physical body resistance. The commonest causes of the fear of death are: ill-health, poverty, lack of appropriate occupation, disappointment over love, insanity, religious fanaticism. The person who gives expression, by word of mouth, to negative or destructive thoughts will experience a destructive “kick-back.” One is never through with a thought, merely by releasing it. Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill An Action Summary
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