Make the picture as vivid as possible You will never forget the meaning of

Make the picture as vivid as possible you will never

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hissing sound. Make the picture as vivid as possible. You will never forget the meaning of torpid again. Applying any combination of these five principles when forming your images will help make your men associations truly outstanding and memorable. At first you may find that you need to consciously apply one or more of the five principles in order to m your pictures sufficiently ludicrous. After a little practice however, you should find that applying the pr becomes an automatic and natural process - When you learn new words, make sure you learn them in a context . It is much easier to picture a rather than a word in isolation. - Since a lot of English words are derived from Greek & Latin roots , it makes sense to be aware of t the suffixes and prefixes commonly used. - Pay attention to the tone of the words, whether soft or hard, harsh or mind, negative or positive This could help you guess when in doubt, especially in the Sentence Completion section. - Play games like scrabble & crosswords. This will make building vocabulary fun and you will not get after sometime. - Perhaps the Best way to increase your vocabulary is to read, read and read. There is absolute substitute for that! Reading helps you learn new words from the context in which they are used, there making it easy to remember the new words and more importantly, how and when it is used. The following 1200 words are the most common words appearing in the GRE and account for mor 9o% of the difficult words that you are likely to encounter. To make it easy for you to remember new words, each word below is illustrated by a sentence . (adv.) on or toward the rear of a ship The passengers moved abaft of the ship so as to escape the fire in the front of the ship. abandon (v.; n) to leave behind; to give something up; freedom; enthusiasm; impetuosity After failing for several years, he abandoned his dream of starting a grocery business. Lucy embarked on her new adventure with abandon. abase
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