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C9 conceptual problems especially with love and

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C9 – conceptual problems, especially with love and passion used interchangeably (equivocation) Love: it’s mysterious and overpowering for Ventura, happening at any age. He presents us with this picture of love involving feelings of passion that just sweep us away. I show that his notion of love is too narrow . Even within the context of romantic relationships, love can entail more than sexual feelings, or chemistry. Passion: is characterized as sexual desire and adventurous for Ventura. I question Ventura’s notion of passion - does it need to be sexual all the time? There can be passion involved in aspects of a relationship that go beyond the physical. Like love, this is also a very narrow view of the term passion. Ultimately, while both concepts are used in such a narrow way, I show that Ventura also equivocates between passion and love - making them equal the same uncontrollable feeling you have for someone you are attracted to, when they both can mean more than this. C11 – based on generalizations; Hasty Generalizations leading to a Hasty Conclusion overall I show that Ventura primarily uses visceral arguments to try and show passion and security as opposites – possibly stemming from a vested interest (his relationships). Can Ventura redeem himself? Maybe if he adheres to the burden of proof more properly (will explain), and adheres to the truth-seeking principle – which would force him to respond to some of the challenges above. CONCLUSION While an engaging article, Ventura does not provide a strong argument for the irreconcilability of passionate and secure relationships. Love and passion are separate concepts, and should be treated as such, rather than viewed too narrowly, and synonymously on top of a narrow outlook. Ventura makes a rather contentious argument grounded on generalizations of convenience. REFERNCES: Ventura, G & T, Gilbert, Principles
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