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MKTG 300 - Dove Memo

Making our customers comfortable with themselves we

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making our customers comfortable with themselves, we are recreating society’s ideal woman and making all women feel better about their image. What can we do? To continue creating value for our customers, we can follow a number of paths. We can create new products that will appeal to our current markets and advertise/sell them with our current methods (Campaign for Real Beauty). We could create products for new markets (i.e. younger generations, 12-18 year olds) and advertise using our Self- Esteem Fund as a value-creator. By doing so, we can help younger girls to accept themselves early on and help them feel beautiful all their lives. Mothers who also use our products loyally will probably love this. The Bottom Line To stay competitive, we need to continue to stay one step ahead of the competition. I feel that we can do this best by attracting a younger market. By creating value in these customers at an early age we can create loyal customers for a lifetime that will then pass down that value onto their children and so on. This will build generations of Dove users and continue to expand our beautiful Dove Family.
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