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Midterm Essay

Analyzing the gospels allows us to take behind the

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Analyzing the Gospels allows us to take behind the text messages and compare them to today’s modern world. The meanings within the parables can also be applied to current life situations and obstacles that we face. Today’s world deals with social dynamics and statues quos. People are constantly buying the newest things and following the latest trends. The media and our surroundings plays a large role in influencing society, whether it is through television, music, the internet, friends, peers, or family. It is our personal choice to determine what is appropriate and what we should consume ourselves with based on the information we are presented. The author of Mark portrays how this would have been like in the past. He shows the followers being persuaded my either the teachings of Jesus or from the authorities within the empires and cities. Many fall into the temptation of greed and power, while others chose to follow in Jesus’ footsteps. Falling into temptation represents kids today being lured into drugs and alcohol, while preaching the word of God represents being responsible, humble, generous and following the virtues that Jesus would have ask of you. The boat parable shows the disciples questioning Jesus about if he is going to save them from the storm or if he will leave them fending for themselves while he sleeps. Jesus then lets them know that they need to start trusting in him and having faith that he will constantly be guiding them in the direction they are meant to travel. There are times in my life and so many others when we question Gods plans for us. We constantly
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Bordeaux 6 wonder if everything will turn out okay and where life is going to take us next. This parable can teach us to be patient and to believe in God to lead us. The Word of God is always going to be available through church, prayer, community service, or just in everyday acts of kindness. It is our decision to ignore, preach, stay unaffected, or to be active participants, just as it was for those living in the presence of Jesus. Overall, chapter four in the Gospel of Mark allows the audience to be capable of interpreting underlying and hidden meanings within the texts by using the historical critical method. The world behind the text is constantly being explored deeper, uncovering the profound values and principles Jesus expresses in each parable. The most frequent message seen throughout the chapter was the constant growth of the Kingdom of God. The world of the text uses the parables and other writing techniques in unique ways to allow the author to get his point across in the most effective way possible. And lastly, the world in front of the text takes the lessons and applies them to present day circumstances.
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Analyzing the Gospels allows us to take behind the text...

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