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Agency’s Law and Ethics of Hiring a Diverse Workforce

The agency has evaluated their employee population

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an initiative to reach out to Hispanic applicants. The agency has evaluated their employee population and recognizes the areas of diversity that has a need for improvement. Ethics and Diversity Training The agency has recently, in the past three years, become accepting of the ethnic and gender change that our society has made. In obtaining research it has been gathered that many of the changes were Executive orders. The agency is now imposing training on employees to be in compliance. The BOP is one of the oldest government agencies and therefore very traditional. The agency must stay abreast of the trends and changes of society which it has not done until recently. The lack of cultural diversity has affected the relations that prisoners have amongst themselves. As a result certain populations have to hold in confinement as protection tactic. This is not a realistic practice. The agency states that it takes on a responsibility to help rehabilitate offenders. Offenders must also learn diversity to better cope in our nation and in prison. The agency must continue to use its resources to teach its employees importance of diversity. Strongly implementing the initiatives that the Department of Justice has is very important to the success of the agency. The agency needs to first train its current employees on cultural and gender differences. After current employees are culturally aware then the agency can incorporate those of the various ethnic groups such as African American, Pacific Islander, and
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American Indian. The administrators of the agency must create and welcoming environment for racial and gender diversity. The agency must also make it know that violations of the diversity policies will not be tolerated. America gives citizens the right to have our personal opinions and beliefs, yet, one individual must respect other individual’s personal rights. Furthermore, those who work in the prisons serve as role models for the inmates. Therefore, if the employees are not treating each other with respect the inmates will not respect each other which will cause further problems for the institution.
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