String mySimpleWinString mySimpleWinString

String mysimplewinstring mysimplewinstring

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String mySimpleWinString; mySimpleWinString = getResources().getString(R.string.winLose); String escapedWin = TextUtils.htmlEncode(mySimpleWinString); String resultText = String.format(mySimpleWinString, 5, 5, escapedWin); The resulting text in the resultText variable is: Score: 5 of 5! You Won
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Using String Resources Programmatically (Cont’d) If you have styling in this format string like the preceding string resource winLoseStyled , you need to take a few more steps to handle the escaped italic tags. For this, you might want to use the fromHtml() method of the Html class ( android.text.Html ), as shown here. This variable, styledResults , can then be used in user interface controls such as TextView objects, where styled text is displayed correctly. String myStyledWinString; myStyledWinString = getResources().getString(R.string.winLoseStyled); String escapedWin = TextUtils.htmlEncode(myStyledWinString); String resultText = String.format(myStyledWinString, 5, 5, escapedWin); CharSequence styledResults = Html.fromHtml(resultText); The resulting text in the styledResults variable is: Score: 5 of 5! You <i>Won</i>
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