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What kind of advertising appeal were these ads using

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called "Mayhem," who shows up in your life at random — and trashes it. What kind of advertising appeal were these ads using? Fear With a(n) _____ media schedule, the advertiser may schedule the ads heavily every other month to achieve a greater impact with an increased frequency and reach at those times. Flighted An emphasis on branding generally begins as firms use _____ advertising. Competitive A(n) _____ designates the medium or media to be used, the specific vehicles, and the insertion dates of the advertising. media schedule In Times Square in New York City there are huge outdoor signs everywhere advertising products, theatre musicals, and services. Along with all the outdoor advertisements, there are also a lot of people bustling about, cars beeping, vendors trying to hand out coupons to events, and police keeping a watchful eye on the revelry. Times Square exhibits: high noise levels Many advertisements use celebrities that are liked by many people in hopes that consumers will buy the product that the celebrity endorses. Using celebrities to influence consumers to buy the product is an example of which advertising appeal? Admiration The Tween Scene is a retail store catering to 8-12 year-old boys and girls. It advertises regularly both on radio and in the daily newspaper. The month prior to the beginning of each new school year, the store buys extra advertising space and time. This is an example of a(n) _____ scheduling plan. Pulsing The advertising response function helps marketers: use their advertising budgets wisely
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