What would be the effect of a deletion or an addition

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Describe the steps in the synthesis of this polypeptide. What would be the effect of a deletion or an addition in one of the DNA nucleotides? What would be the effect of a substitution in one of the nucleotides? 1987: Describe the production and processing of a protein that will be exported from a eukaryotic cell. Begin with the separation of the messenger RNA from the DNA template and end with the release of the protein at the plasma membrane. 1990: Describe the steps of protein synthesis, beginning with the attachments of a messenger RNA molecule to the small subunit of a ribosome and ending with the release of the polypeptide from the ribosome. Include in your answer a discussion of how the different types of RNA function in this process. 2001: Proteins large, complex molecules are major building blocks of all living organisms. Discuss the following in relation to proteins. (a) The chemical composition and levels of structure of proteins. (b) The roles of DNA and RNA in protein synthesis. (c) The roles of proteins in membrane structure and transport of molecules across the membrane. 2005: Protein synthesis is vital for cell growth and metabolism. (a) Describe transcription and translation (b) Identify similarities between transcription and translation. (c) Identify differences between transcription and translation. (d) Describe structural changes that can occur to a protein after translation to make it function properly. 2005: The unit of genetic organization in all living organisms is the chromosome. a) Describe the structure and function of the parts of a eukaryotic chromosome. You may wish to include a diagram as part of your description. b) Describe the adaptive (evolutionary) significance of organizing genes in to chromosomes. c) How does the function and structure of the chromosome differ in prokaryotes? The test FRQ may pull from one or more of the above questions.
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