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Marketing research marketing mix marketing

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- Marketing Research, Marketing Mix, Marketing Segmentation - Leverage--- in reference to investing - Federal Reserve- how many banks, what it is - Reserve Requirement of U.S. Banks --- what it is and what happends if it changes - Stocks - par value and stock split, and margin trading - Economic 1. My fumbles are your touchdowns. Know the synonyms of telecommuting. Somewhere along the way, they renamed it to something  else that sounds corny. Know the fathers of the various mgmt disciplines. As the dsst synopsis  states, lots of intro level marketing, international, economic, mgmt, stock market, bonds which is  covered in IC and the free study guide. Good luck.  o pure competition -annual reports (financial and non financial) -Marx is associated with -significance of double taxing a company -nonstore retailing or hypermarket -type of insurance policy that protects from loss of future profits in the event of a fire -a neutral party that renders a decision between two parties -oldest market gauge -principle vs indemnity -cost of insurance policy coverage -who is the father of capitalism -know about the recession of 1991 -flexiplace -FIFO  -goods produced to design specifications -father of scientific management -those who collectively buy and sell similar products. -trade restrictions 2. S corporation. several questions about bonds - know the different types
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INTRO TO BUSINESS know their pricing 'terminology' as well as what the net gains for the day means. internation business Federal Trade Commission Act Types of Insurance Types of Sales & Marketing Types of Businesses S- Corp (benefit) Job description, analysis & specification performance appraisal shareholders board of directors types of stock Merger Laissez Faire and Autocratic Capitalism, Socialism, Communism and Mixed. Karl Marx Quality Assurance & Total Quality Management (TQM) Flexiplace & Flextime Risk Social responsibilities of a business input & output skimming financial plan M1, M2, & M3 (Just know that there's only 3 and not 4). federal reserve requirement (just be familiar) Pure competition globalization income statement balance sheet Intro To Business DSST Study guide Perfect competition = pure competition – many companies selling similar products (milk) Capitalism -who is the father – Adam Smith
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INTRO TO BUSINESS Maslow's hierarchy –Lowest to highest: Self Actualization Esteem, Love / Belonging, Safety, Physiological Trade deficit difference between all exports and all imports NAFTA US, Canada, & Mexico created free trade zone Monopoly and oligopoly monopoly – one seller, oligopoly – few sellers Market system in America – Capitalism / Free Trade Break Event Analysis – TR=TC Management Functions: Planning: establishing guidelines Organizing:
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Marketing Research Marketing Mix Marketing Segmentation...

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