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She seemed to think that it worked just fine she also

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very rough outline, but that is a general referral plan. She seemed to think that it worked just fine. She also works with kids who do not have special needs, so she can actually still work with the kids who do not qualify. She cannot remove them from the classroom like she can with kids who have an IEP, but she can work with them in the classroom if they need assistance. Both RTI and simple referral have their strengths and weaknesses. Both can be effective if used correctly. 4. ELLs have always been more vulnerable in schools. They are young and still learning all their life skills, school knowledge and now they also have to learn a whole other language. Usually they are only allowed a certain amount of years of instruction in their native language and then they are thrown into a classroom where only English is spoken. It is frightening and confusing and easy to fall behind when you have a hard time understanding. If a student doesn't have a good grasp of English by kindergarten, research has shown that they will continue to fall behind. They will get poorer grades than native English speakers and the achievement gap will continue to widen. If the child can speak English well, however, they will preform just as well as native speakers. One of the most important steps to help students with this is to enroll them in preschool or some kind of day care. If they are exposed to English at that young of an age, before any structured learning had begun, they will pick up the language much faster and be better off once school begins. What the ELLs do bring to the table is a vast array of different cultures. These students bring their beliefs and traditions to school with them and that could allow teachers to explain about more places around the world. They could spend a day or two on the cultures of each student who is not from America. Students will learn about the different cultures of their peers by being around them.
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