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Psych of Leadership - Reflection 1

Once i have learned these things hopefully i will

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working to get to know the students and understand their likes and interest. Once I have learned these things hopefully I will have earned a level of mutual respect from the children. I have chosen to use an older group of students from 5 th – 7 th grade due to their levels of maturity. I find it much easier to have the older children understand and respect a new authority figure as opposed to younger children. Also, my knowledge within the subjects they are currently studying will
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give me a leadership that arises from expertise in something they have yet to master. At the beginning of the service learning I was uncertain of what to expect. The demographic of students had me concerned because it was very similar to the area I grew up in and I knew the kinds of things many teachers had to deal with within my school district. However, once I arrived I feel as we all had the connection of coming from similar low-income neighborhoods. This common ground assisted in facilitating the building of rapport with students. The style I bring to the table reflects the High-High style in which I focus on the overall comfort of the students on a social level but I also assure that I maximize their efficiency with time. This service center allows my to apply leadership in almost every aspect possible, I just hope to instill life lessons that in the long run can help them strive in the future.
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Once I have learned these things hopefully I will have...

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