A Starting up from OS X Recovery HD B Running Mac Resource InspectorC Replacing

A starting up from os x recovery hd b running mac

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You must know the AppleCare name of an Intel iMac before performing which of the following actions? A. Starting up from OS X Recovery HD. B. Running Mac Resource Inspector.C. Replacing the logic board D. Resetting the NVRAM. Answer: C QUESTION 57 Which of the following could indicate accidental damage when inspecting the inside of a Mac mini (Late 2012) before a repair? A. Light dust in the fans B. Third-party RAM installed C. Lint gathered near the rear vents D. Oxidation or discoloration of the logic board Answer: D QUESTION 58 Which of the following is a valid electrical safety precaution when working on a computer or display with exposed, potentially energized parts? A. Use only metal screw drivers or fingers as needed to connect or disconnect cables. B. Always wear an ESD wrist or heel strap when working on plugged in systems. C. Be very careful handling the logic board or power supply while the computer is plugged in. D. Remove rings, watches, necklaces, metal-rimmed eyewear and other metallic articles before working on the computer. Answer: D
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: Rings, watches, necklaces or any metallic wearables should be removed because metal will disturb the inner circuitry and the static charge will transfer to the sensitive parts of the computer.
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