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Ideas – forcing us into a single position the same

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Unformatted text preview: ideas – forcing us into a single position the same kind of ideological dogmatism that his historically caused the worst policies since people aren’t willing to compromise and the worst genocides manifested in fundamentalism – we have to be able to educate ourselves from a litany of viewpoints to solve – AND tolerance is a unique type of education we can’t get in school which solves their cost-benefit analysis and depth arguments through classes on issues Second is Info-Processing – in the rapidly advancing digital age the challenge for young people IS NOT tracking down information – instead, the internet creates info-overload so we need to develop info- processing skills in order to sort and parse information for credibility and relevance. Condo teaches us by promoting in-depth discussion across multiple areas – gives us portable education to function as policy makers and info-age citizens – this is also turns their education since we need to process a tremendous scope of info to function today. <AT: teaches bad cost-benefit analysis> Competition checks – neg has no incentive to overload aff with bad counterplans since they’re easily crushed – aff also checks bad counterplans with theory burdens like solvency advocates and perms. Third Real World Policy making – in congress, people factually discuss multiple positions, that’s critical to understand government decision making preparing us for an active role in the world around us – The impact is real world policy making – AND we control uniqueness on this question – the 1AC demonstrates status quo policy making is terrible, only expanding the horizons of our thinking can stop bad policies that cause their nuclear war impacts in the real world All this outweighs fairness, which disappears when we leave this room, we have real world impacts out of round to every type of education condo solves AND – look, don’t let them get away with absurd debate collapse or even participation decline scenarios – empirically 2 extra worlds hasn’t caused this Edgemont Debate File Title – 2...
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ideas – forcing us into a single position the same kind...

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