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The ruling class focuses on those that have the

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goes on within the business. The ruling class focuses on those that have the ability to give guidance to society: political and cultural leaders, and those on two or more boards of major banks (Zweig pg. 17). The middle class represents small business owners, supervisors, managers and other professionals. These people still have a great deal of independence and authority in the work place, but are given guidance by a higher power. The working class is described as large and very diverse. Americans tend to group all of the working class under one image of people working in a factory, when in reality the entire working class is not made up of blue-collar workers. The easiest way to understand the class system is by using the example Zweig gives of the different states of water. There are three clear-cut forms (ice, liquid, steam) but within each there is variation (Zweig pg. 37). Within the class system there is a very obvious difference between the levels of class and to move form one class to another takes a great deal of effort, similar to the transformations of water. 3. Zweig describes that the working class has disappeared from public view in America for four main reasons, I will describe three: (1) upward mobility, (2) consumerism, and (3) media. a. Upward mobility centers the idea that people want the opportunity for advancement. Very few become complacent in the work place because in today’s society people strive for “better”, whether that is more money, nicer things, or more power. Because of upward mobility, the working class begins to become ignored due to the fact that they are raising their standard of living. However, they have by no means caught up with the
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middle class (Zweig pg. 42). People believe that because the lives of the working class may have improved, the class no longer exists. This is not
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The ruling class focuses on those that have the ability to...

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