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56 assume that taxes t have decreased before this

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56.Assume that taxes T have decreased. Before this change, the economy was at the long-runlevel of outputY. In the short run, under the standard assumptions for the IS and LMcurves, this change would be expected to the real interest rate r and output Y.a.raise; raiseb.raise; reducec.reduce; raised.reduce; reduce
57.Which of the following is a major weakness of the gold standard?
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58.After a country goes from disallowing trade in coffee with other countries to allowing tradein coffee with other countries,
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59.Which of the following is false about the Standard and Poor's 500 index?
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60.During a period of high volatility, investors expect to experience which of the following?12
Form Aa.A high degree of fluctuation in the prices of stocks on the stock marketb.A drop in share prices of small-cap and an increase in share prices of large-capcompaniesc.A precipitous drop in trade volumesd.Decrease in lower-risk (bond) trading and increase in higher-risk (stock) trading
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