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Other researchers have decided that adolescent

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Other researchers have decided that adolescent behavior is due simply to an underdeveloped prefrontal cortex. However, if this were true, children would also partake in risk-seeking behaviors because their prefrontal cortex is not fully developed either. It is the addition of the quickly maturing limbic system that triggers the impulsive and emotionally-charged behaviors. I found this evidence extremely persuasive and agree with their research. The risky and immature behaviors of adolescents is due to both parts of the brain maturing at different levels and causing decision making to be based on emotion rather than logic. My own development was a big part of my adolescent years. I was always taller than girls my age, and stopped growing around freshman year of high school. Other girls have since caught up, but at the time it was extremely awkward. Most of my girl friends began their final stage of puberty (aka menstruation) in middle school, or possibly even earlier. I did not start until
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I was 14, and I was always very aware of it. I felt like I was weird because I was so late. Middle school was a very awkward age for me because, even though I was taller than everyone, I felt like they were all maturing faster than I was. It absolutely felt like I was still a child when everyone else was become a teenager. It does not help either that my birthday is in September, so everyone else was actually older than me for most of the year. I tried to make up for it by being more mature emotionally, but it did not help the way I thought it would. Other students, especially boys, called me mom and made fun of me for thinking they were being immature. As a result, I tried to keep more to myself and stay quiet. I was also a very good student in middle school, which, according to other kids, is not actually a good thing. Getting
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Other researchers have decided that adolescent behavior is...

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