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This means that money and possessions are greatly

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Unformatted text preview: This means that money and possessions are greatly important matters and are undeniably relevant to stewardship. Over 10 percent of the New Testament relates to financial matters. You may ask yourself why there is such an impact with money. One reason is that God knew we would have trouble managing our money, and that we would spend a great amount of time earning, spending, and investing it. A second reason is that money has a profound effect on interpersonal relationships. A third reason is that the way we use our money is a real measure of our commitment and faith to Christ. Financial freedom should be a part of our new life in Christ. My last final thoughts are that Stewardship means a lot to God. He has everything but is waiting on us to give it to Him. There are three T’s of Stewardship; Time, Talent, and Treasure. These three components explain what a good steward is. My conclusion is that God already has everything you could imagine. He asking us to be faithful with our tithe and offering. He wants to give with a willing heart. We come into the world with nothing and leave it with nothing. God is not only the Source, but also the Controller of all things....
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