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Orchestrated worked form 6am to 1pm lunch was coffee

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orchestrated; worked form 6AM to 1PM; lunch was coffee & a pipe; was a hedonist syphilis – 1823 – rash; tries to diet; mercury/arsenic (wtf) Der Erl Konig “The Elf King” (1815): based on a poem by Goethe - Piano: minor; urgent; piano is difficult – must be consistent in terms of rhythm – right-hand = horse (consistent notes) - Narrator: mid-range; minor - Father: lowest voice; rising w/ a question - Son: mildly agitated - Elf king: major; higher voice; super creepy & seductive - Boy: freaks out; piano signals; louder voice Father – reassuring; Erl king’s 2 nd appearance; dance-like; still major; boy – really agitated; louder/high; son – reassuring, but agitated – chromatic; Erl King’s last appearance – minor / threatening; seizes boy; boy – most freaked! – Chromatic; narrator – returning to tell the rest of the story flexible, wide range; characterization – supernatural Elf King is NOT real dealing w/ childhood mortality Schubert sends this to Goethe (German poet-creepy) & other lieder Scrubert’s piece is thru composed; Goethe thought lieder should be strophic Guiseppe Verdi (1813-1901) Bel canto opera (1800-1850); Verdi tries to reform it to a more realistic & musically-sophisticated genre Bel canto = “beautiful singing”; focus is on the singers 1800: there’s 2 opera theaters in Milan 1815: 2 dozen Star system
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o Sopranos : lead / prima donna / diva; wide range; extreme talent; demanding character – heroine – most likely going to die o Tenor : lead man / primo uomo / divos; he may die This is a tragic love; standard, tragic love story Orchestra : generally easy parts 1. They play something different every night 2. Mediocre players – Milan; not orchestral destinational Composers: under pressure to produce an opera ~ once a month; only time to focus on vocal parts Suitcase aria : an aria written for a singer or identified with a particular singer who would then insert it into any opera they performed in, regardless of plot Verdi Busetto, Panma; Italy – not united Austrians ruled northern Italy – falls in love w/ daughter of Antonio Berezzi – wealthy businessman; daughter – Margherita funds Verdi’s conservatory education Problem: conservatory in Milan rejects him 1. Just barely under cut-off age (he’s 18 – they take up to 19) 2. Unorthodox technique 3. Not from Lombardy, region of Milan** Turning-point in viewing Italian unifications as important; marries Margherita – moves to Milan 1841: Nabucco about King Nebachidnezzar (Austrians); Babylonian King – exiled Israelites (Jews / Hebrews – Italians) As a result, Verdi becomes very popular Risorgimento : movement for Italian unification Viva VERDI (Victorio Emanuele Re D’Italia); nationalism in Italy is oriented
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orchestrated worked form 6AM to 1PM lunch was coffee a pipe...

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