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Youse mad cause ahm tellin yuh whut you already

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Youse mad ‘cause Ah’m tellin’ yuh whut you already knowed.” (31) I chose this quotation because it demonstrates how Janie is becoming somewhat more independent. This shows how Janie is started to express her voice more and becoming more independent. It connects to the symbol because Logan wants Janie to start cleaning up after the barn and working in the fields with him. Although colored people did not have much power their women had the least so they had to do whatever the men told them to do. Chapter 5: “The New Mayor” Theme: Voice Symbol: Joe’s Speech (Janie’s dependence) Quotation Explanation “Thank yuh fuh yo’ compliments, but mah wife don’t know nothin ’ ‘bout no speech- makin’. Ah never married her for nothin’ lak dat. She’s uh woman and her place is in de home .” (43) I chose this quotation because it shows how although Janie is with another man she is still being treated the same way. As the town is electing Joe as Mayor they ask Janie to make a speech but Joe prevents her from saying it because he argues women’s only place is in the kitchen. Although Janie gets angry by this notion she stays quiet and lets Joe give the speech. It connects to the symbol because it shows how the men have more power than women and Janie is like a push over. Chapter 6: “Mule of Eatonville” Theme: Power Symbol: Mule (Janie) Quotation Explanation “But it’s awful tuh see so many people don’t want nothin’ but uh full belly and uh place tuh lay down and sleep afterwards. It makes me sad sometimes and then agin it makes me mad . They say sometimes that tickles me nearly tuh death, but Ah won’t laugh jus’ tuh dis-courage ‘em.” (63) I chose this quote because it demonstrates how some of the men were making fun of a mule in front of the store. The mule in a way represents Janie because they want her to be a worker like it. In the quotation Joe is lying to Janie because he found good humor in their actions but didn’t want Janie
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to find out. When Joe speaks he is basically saying it towards Janie because once again she doesn’t really want to work and he describes how those people make him mad and sad.
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Youse mad cause Ahm tellin yuh whut you already knowed 31 I...

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