In the disk drive itself has a way of discovering bad

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33. In ------------------ the disk drive itself has a way of discovering bad blockswith extremely high probability. a) disk index b) Extents c) Bad-block forwarding d) back-up dumps 34. Because the I/O devices are not synchronized with the CPU, some information must be exchanged between the CPU and the device to ensure that the data is received reliably. This interaction between the CPU and an I/O device is usually referred to as --------------------- ------- 35. ------------------- approach can place the data directly into the memory or take the data directly from the memory without direct intervention from the processor. 36. A SCSI device can transfer up to----------- of information per second.
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37. ------------------- file system allows sharing in multiple different locations grouped under one folder. a) Direct b) distributed c) sequential d) parallel 38. Windows 2000 supports -------------- type of file system . 39. The integral subsystem looks after operating system specific functions on behalf of the ------- ----------- 40. Kernel mode drivers exist in ------------------
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Part B (Two mark questions) 41. a context is the contents of a ----------- and --------------- at any point of time. . a) MDR, IR b) CPU registers, PC c) MDR, PC d) CPU registers, IR 42 The introduction of mutual exclusion can prevent race conditions but can lead to problems such as - ------------------- a)deadlock b) starvation c) both a and b d) none of these 43 The controller can access memory in memory cycles which are not used by the particular bank of memory into which the DMA controller is writing data. This approach, called ---------------- -------- . a) interrupting b) cycle stealing c) swapping d) paging
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