20 what is the density of acetone vapor ch 3 coch 3

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20. What is the density of acetone vapor, CH 3 COCH 3 , at 95 o C and 650Torr? 21. The density of ozone at 1.013atm and 26.5oC is 1.979 g/L. What is the molar mass of this gas?
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22. A 6.2L sample of N 2 at 738Torr is mixed (at constant temperature) with 15.2L of O 2 at 325Torr. The gaseous mixture is placed in a 12.0L container. (a) What is the pressure of the mixture? (b) What is the composition of the mixture in mole fractions? 23. The total pressure of a mixture of water vapor and helium is 0.893atm. The partial pressure of water is 27.3Torr at this temperature. For helium, what are (a) the partial pressure and (b) the mole fraction in this mixture?
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24. Potassium chlorate (KClO3) was heated to give oxygen. 2KClO 3 (s) → 2KCl (s) + 2O 2 (g) A volume of 550mL of gas was collected over water at 21 o C and an atmospheric pressure of 743 Torr. The vapor pressure of water at 21 o C is 19 Torr. How many moles of oxygen were collected? 25. The chemical reaction in old-fashioned laboratory alcohol burners is CH 3 CH 2 OH (l) + 3O 2 (g) → 2CO 2 (g) + 3H 2 O (g) What volume of carbon dioxide will be produced by this combustion reaction if 6.2L of oxygen has been consumed (gas volumes measured at the same temperature and pressure)?
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