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Diversity diversity is a very strong tradition here

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Diversity Diversity is a very strong tradition here at Levi Strauss and Company, a tradition that is very well expressed; “We are committed to taking full advantage of the rich backgrounds and abilities of all our people and to promote greater diversity in positions of influence. Differing points of view will be sought; diversity will be valued and honestly rewarded, not suppressed” (Levi Strauss and Company 2013). The final part in the statement points to two values seen in diversity in Levi Strauss and Company. One is the value of bringing employees together to work as teams would to contribute to the goals and values shared by Levi Strauss by using their unique and distinctive ways of thinking. The second involves identifying the individual or group behavior pattern that could lead to suppression of ideas or ways of thinking that are diverse. Diversity at Levi Strauss and Company aims to support, promote, and enhance diversity while also identifying what might prevent diversity from flourishing. At this level of commitment to diversity, one could say, Levi Strauss and Company sees it as an ethical principle that guides interactions and decision-making amongst all levels of employee. References Levi Strauss and Company. (2013). 10-Q . Retrieved from http://www.sec.gov/. Mello, J. A. (2006). Strategic human resource management (2nd ed.). Mason, OH: South- Western Cengage Learning.
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