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LGST 101 Lecture 15

Got punitive damages often occur in intentional tort

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Got punitive damages Often occur in intentional tort cases Ford Pinto case When first injured person sued, compensatory damages was about 500,000 to 600,000 dollars Punitive damages were 10 million dollars Two purposes Punish firm for what they did Put sign up to others saying that this is wrong – don’t do it Very important part of intentional tort Not only do I know this will hurt you, but I also intend this will hurt you Indemnification Public figure versus private figure
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o Private figure has greater protection than public o Public figure, especially politicians, have less protection o Part of fame is this interest people have in you o Also recall that political speech is the most highly protected Defamation is not a single point – it is a continuum o One end is private figures, the other end is public figures o When you can sue depends on where you fall on that continuum Privileged categories o Categories upon which you cannot sue o Husbands can’t sue wives and vice versa in some states Justification is that family unit is so important that you can’t break it up o Legislatures have immunity when they are speaking on the floor Protecting political speech But when they are in public and make the same statements, they can be sued o In a trial, you can make defamatory statements and not be tried It could be contempt of court though There are ways other than defamation to sue people for what they say (even though what they say could be true)
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Got punitive damages Often occur in intentional tort cases...

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