reductions due to its location and source of purchased electricity Carbon

Reductions due to its location and source of

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reductions due to its location and source of purchased electricity Carbon Overlay is a quantitative index of the relative importance of individual credits
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Buildings Carbon Footprints Buildings Carbon Foot print is the total green house gas emissions associated with its construction and operation Energy use by building systems Building related transportatio n Embodied emissions of water ( electricity used to extract , convey, treat and deliver water) Embodied emissions of solid waste ( Life-cycle emissions associated with solid waste) Embodied emissions of material s ( emissions associated with the manufacture and transport of materials)
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Carbon Emission • Refer Fig.1.6, Pg.No.11 CORE Fig Shows carbon emissions for typical, efficient, and high performance building
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Certification Process • Achieving LEED certification requires satisfying all prerequisites and earning a minimum number of points ( 40-49 Points ) • Each LEED rating system corresponds with a LEED reference guide Reference guide explains credit criteria , describes the benefits of complying with the credit And suggests approaches to achieving credit compliance
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Certification Process The LEED process begins with registration The project team submits a registration form and fee to USGBC Once registered the team receives information, tools, and communication to help guide the certification process For the review of the applications, it submits the appropriate fee , which is based on project square footage , and documentation
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Certification Process Submission of documentation for review can be done in two ways 1. The team can wait until the building project is complete to submit documentation for all the credits it is pursuing 2. The team can seek review of its design- related perquisites and credits before completion, and then apply for construction- related credits after the project is finished
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Certification Process All Project Document credit compliance through LEED – online • A data collection portal through which the team can upload information about project It provides credit templates to be completed and signed by the specified member of the team ( Example, Architect, engineer, general contractor etc) For more details Refer Pg.No. 60, guide
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GREEN ASSOCIATE Practice session
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System Thinking LEED GA PREP
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