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Bai tap tieng Anh lop 9 Bai 7 Saving Energy

28 the tv will you i want to watch the weather

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28. “________the TV, will you? I want to watch the weather forecast.” 29. “ I think I’ve lost my new pen. I’ve ________it everywhere. 30. Mrs. Yen forgot to ________the faucets when she left home for work. 31. I am ________hearing from you. 32. Never ________till tomorrow what you can do today. Match a word or phrase in column A with a definition in column B. A B Keys 33. plumber 34. energy 35. solar 36. innovation 37. enormous 38. turn off A. switch off B. of or using the sun C. a person whose job is to fix and repair water pipes. D. the power from electricity, gas, coal,…making things work E. a new idea, method F. very big or very large. 33- 34- 35- 36- 37- 38- Give the correct form of the word in brackets. 39. There is a ________________faucet in your kitchen. ( drip ) 40. We can protect the environment by ________________air pollution. ( reduce ) 41. I am very ________________because they use electricity to catch fish. ( worry ) 42. I want to see the ________________of environment from the local authority. ( protect ) 43. Scientists are looking for an effective way to reduce energy _______________. ( consume ) Complete the second sentences 44. It was raining, so we decided to postpone our camping. Since __________________________________________________________________________________ 45. She wants them to sing a song. She suggests they ________________________________________________________________________ 46. She couldn’t join us because she was busy. She was busy, so _______________________________________________________________________ . 47.
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28 the TV will you I want to watch the weather forecast 29...

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