administrator only has been given permission to access the database information

Administrator only has been given permission to

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administrator only has been given permission to access the database information and make changes to this information. The administrator, student and counselling staff are given an own username and password for their access to the application. The administrator, staff and student logs in to the application in their smart phone with the id provided and makes use of it to view the information provided and interaction between a student and staff, staff and administrator, and student and administrator are made easy. The counselling Staff on logging into the application are allowed to view the details of the students those who are been allotted for the particular staff to counsel. The details like student name, roll number, register number, contact number, address, mail id, attendance percentage, and marks about every student are given. A single tap or touch with the contact number or mail id, the staff could mail, send a sms (Short Messaging Service) or make a call to the student. The remarks column provided for the counselling staff helps to add text for the message or mail. The student on logging gets the contact detail of the counselling staff that helps to make a call, send a sms or mail to the staff. The remark column for the student helps to add text to the staff. The remark column could be used for academic and personal related problems too [6, 7, 8, 9, 10]. The student could give a suggestion related to their educational improvement, feedback regarding subjects and problems with their personal and social life. The student are given a good counselling regarding their issues and stress with academic, educational, institutional, personal, social and career. The staff and student are allowed only to make use of the application and details provided where only the administrator has permissions to access and modify the database and its information, and the application. The update of attendance, marks and university results are updated by the administrator regularly. The student and staff are added and removed from the application by the administrator only. The username and password for the student and staff are created, modified or removed only by the administrator. The counselling for the student in the fields of guidance and counselling with the factors are provided with the table following in Table 1. 4. FUTURE WORKS A student’s mental health has a direct impact on their academic performance, on their experience at an institution and on the relationships they foster during this time. It is not only in the best interests of an institution to invest in a student’s mental wellbeing, but it is in fact their responsibility.
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