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Davis democracy on the flip side the proletariat were

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Davis democracy; on the flip side, the proletariat were also using the bourgeoisie to achieve their goal of social democracy where all would be equal (Flynn para. 2). This union of classes, however, didn’t last long. The workers were “weak, unorganized and lacked the maturity to act effectively alone” and the higher class “wavered in their support of democracy because they feared the working class more than the aristocracy”, they soon were at odds with each other (Flynn para. 4); this caused the revolution to fail. After this failed attempt at social democracy and capitalism, many Germans packed their bags and headed to the United States where they knew both principles thrived. Upon this new wave of immigrants is around when my family was suspected to have made the move to America. My great-great-great-grandfather stayed behind in Germany; it was his son, John Kappenman Jr., who was the first of my lineage to embark to the United States. He left Germany in the mid- to late 1800’s with his wife. They traveled over the ocean and entered the US via Ellis Island in New York. Ellis Island, originally known as Gull Island in the 1600’s, was open for business on January 1 st , 1892 (ORACLE para. 2). Although this was the first official date that the island was used as an immigration station, it had many uses before that. When discovered as and named Gull Island in the 1600’s, the area was well known for its rich oyster population (ORACLE para. 1). On January 20 th , 1785, Samuel Ellis purchased the island and gave it his last name before the state of New York purchased it from him in 1808 (ORACLE para. 1). After being used as a popular oyster fishing venue, the island became of use to the US military. From 1812 to 1814, Ellis Island was the location of Fort Gibson, which was later dismantled in 1861 (ORACLE para. 2). In 1867, the island was then used as a munitions depot until New Jersey complained of their
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Davis democracy on the flip side the proletariat were also...

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