Unit 5 the wonderful solvent water content topics key

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Unit 5 - The Wonderful Solvent - Water Content Topics Key points Core Extension Suggested activities 5.1 Water purification Water purification Sedimentation Filtration Filtrate Residue Distillation Boiling Condensation Heavy demand for clean water supply Impurities in natural water Various methods of water purification including sedimentation, filtration and distillation and their different capabilities Sedimentation and filtration processes in the water treatment plant S. Watch video on the lack of clean water supply in developing countries S. Read articles on impurities present in water and discuss their adverse effects on our health S. Design experiments to purify muddy water [IN] S. Perform purification experiments of students’ own design [IN] S. With the help of a microscope, compare un-purified water with students’ sample of ‘purified’ water (OB) S. Evaporate ‘purified’ samples to dryness (EA) S. Discuss the suitability of using the ‘purified’ samples collected as drinking water (CM) T. Distil muddy water using distillation apparatus (EA) 5.2 Further treatment of water Micro-organisms Chlorination Fluoridation Some micro-organisms present in water: Amoeba and E. coli and their possible effects on our health Methods to kill micro-organisms in water including the use of chlorine, S. Under the microscope, observe micro-organisms in water and the effect of chlorine on them (OB)
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