16 a transfer function is ghs 2 1 s 16 marks using

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show that the phase is -150 at w =700. 16. A transfer function is GH(s) = 2 1 + s . (16 Marks) Using the contour in the s-plane. Determine the corresponding contour in the F(s)- plane. 17. A single loop control system where (16 Marks) GH(s) = ) 1 ( + s s k τ (a) Draw the Nyquist contour and mapping for GH(s) (b) Determine whether the system is stable by utilizing the Nyquist criterion. 18. Determine the z transform of f(t)=sin wt for t 0 (16 Marks) 19. Determine the z-transform of f(t) = at e and t 0. (16 Marks) A B C D E F G H ω j σ -1 1 0
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Analog and Digital Control IT 4017 for Second Semester Sample Answer & Question
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