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Q so if the shopkeeper quotes a price of 1,000 for a

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Unformatted text preview: Q: So if the shopkeeper quotes a price of 1,000 for a pair of jeans, so how low will u bring the price to? A: 1,000 rupees is insane for a pair of jeans, so I would bring him down to 300-400 max, not more than that. Q: How do you evaluate the worth of an item? A: It mostly depends on the brand and make of the item like if it’s a Zara shirt made in UK. Q: How do u start off with ur bargaining? In a soft way or harsh way? A: I start off in a soft way, if he doesn’t agree then o become a bit harsh, even then if he doesn’t agree, I quote my final price and then walk off if he’s not interested to sell. Q: DO you have a preference of unused items over used items? A: I’m not very finicky about it, if it’s a used one I just wash it in dettol to sterilize it. Q: Do u come here with ur family or alone? A: Family comes here for grocery shopping so I help them with that. Q: Do u bargain over there? A: Yes I do bargain b/c I have the rate list that the government has provided so whoever quotes a higher price, I just take out that list and show it to them. Q: So do u think they charge more than the rate list? A: Yes, if they know that the other person doesn’t have the rate list then they quote a higher price to them to make a fool out of them. Q: So apart from grocery and jeans do u buy something else? A: Yes at times if I come across a good electronic item or a poster then I buy it but that’s very rare. Q: Do u come here with a specific list in mind of the items that u have to purchase? A: I just have a specific list of grocery that I have to purchase and that too is prepared by my mother but no other list. Q: Do u have a specific budget in mind when u come to Sunday market? A: I have a specific budget just for grocery not other random stuff. Q: After getting a good bargain over here, do u go around telling everyone that u struck such a good deal at Sunday market? A: If someone asks me where I got it from then I do tell them that I got it from Sunday market and if they ask how much I got it from them I’ll tell them the discounted price only, won’t boast about the fact that I bargained. Q: Do u get a sense of achievement after striking a good deal? A: Yes a bit but it’s understood that the shopkeeper has made profit out of that, its’ not like he’s going to sell me something which will be a loss for him. Q: Where else do u shop from, apart from Sunday market? A: I shop from Park Towers, Forum and the factory outlets that are near Atrium mall in Saddar Q: Do u bargain there also? A: No, those kinds of shops have price tags fixed on them, which can’t be negotiated. Whereas, at Sunday market there are no price tags which is why people bargain a lot....
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Q So if the shopkeeper quotes a price of 1,000 for a pair...

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