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In this case human resources tries to find the

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management of all decisions within an organization that are related to people. In this case Human Resources tries to find the employee’s short falls and use training to improve skills in a specific job. High Turnover Challenges The challenges faced during high turnover include high cost to the company in time and money spent conducting interviews, advertising the job, and training, reduced sales, psychological frustration with low level of output, and continuity of service to clients decreases (Rondeau & Wagner, 2012). High Turnover Solutions Steps taken to overcome the challenges of high turnover are; spend more time to hire the right person for the job, motivate employees financially and psychologically with
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Human Resource Manager Challenges 3 their everyday work, ensure proper training is given to employees for their job, a stimulating work environment, communicate more openly employees (Rondeau & Wagner, 2012). Distribution of Workload Distribution of work is also one of the major challenges of any organization. Proper work distribution can bring a positive result for the organization where as improper distribution can obstruct the whole business because of high turnover rate, low production, high cost, low satisfaction level of the employee, sky-scraping workload, and low output regarding quality management (Fusco, 2003). Distribution of Workload Challenges Human Resource departments of these organizations face the following challenges regarding distribution of work: difficulty finding the proper person for a specific task, experienced employees provide high output while low experience
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In this case Human Resources tries to find the employees...

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