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An attention to company policies and how

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assistant. An attention to company policies and how receptionists behave might qualify new employees for a first-time receptionist position, which will generate experience that can be useful in pursuing other receptionist jobs. Even though every office is different, receptionists can still benefit from some of the same tips. Multitasking is essential to good job performance, but when someone enters the office it's important to give her your full attention. This means placing calls on hold or completing them quickly, setting down papers and making direct eye contact. A receptionist's work space should be free from clutter to project a more professional demeanor and also to make it easier to complete simple tasks like finding information and offering someone a pen to fill out a form. Finally, when leading someone into an office, the receptionist should always take the lead to ensure the guest that his presence is allowed and to save him the embarrassment of not knowing where to go. Read more: Business Etiquette Rules for a Receptionist eHow http://www.ehow.com/about_7586319_business-etiquette-rules- receptionist.html#ixzz2UzdDoo6Y
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