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A information managing b database analysis c data

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(A) Information managing (B) Database analysis (C) Data processing (D) Word processing 46. A large corporation has an interconnected system of computers connected to a mainframe. This configuration is best described as (A) the Internet (B) an intranet
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(C) a telecommunications model (D) a collaborative learning system 47. Amortization applies to which of the following? (A) Long-term assets (B) Cash (C) Goodwill (D) Long-term debt 48. Insurance offers protection from which of the following types of risk? (A) Pure (B) Determined (C) Manageable (D) Speculative INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS 182 Dantes/DSST Program 49. Which of the following are necessary in order to collect insurance on a loss? I. The loss must be under the control of the insured. II. The probability of loss must be predictable. III. The loss must be measurable. (A) I and II only (B) I and III only (C) II and III only (D) I, II, and III 50. The value of an insured house is $125,000, and the insurance policy includes a 75 percent coinsurance clause. Which of the following is the amount of insurance the homeowner must carry to satisfy the clause? (A) $31,250 (B) $75,000 (C) $93,750 (D) $125,000 51. The main difference between robbery and burglary is (A) robbery involves a threat of violence (B) burglary involves stolen goods (C) robbery usually involves forcible entry (D) burglary is an uninsurable risk 52. Which of the following types of insurance is legally required in most states? (A) Automobile liability (B) Uninsured motorists (C) Automobile collision (D) No-fault automobile 53. In a socialistic society, which of the following best describes the place of goods? (A) They are owned by the state. (B) They can be purchased and owned by individuals. (C) They are distributed by the state. (D) They are equally distributed among citizens. 54. Which of the following issues does NOT affect the business system today? (A) Inflation (B) Government involvement in business (C) The United States isolating itself from global markets (D) Unemployment POSTTEST
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Dantes/DSST Program 183 55. A firm may enter the global market through direct investment by doing which of the following? (A) Establishing a subsidiary in a foreign country (B) Instituting an embargo (C) Partaking in a joint venture (D) Having products exported to the firm’s own country 56. Which of the following is a possible benefit of a total quality management (TQM) policy? (A) Lower levels of customer retention (B) Higher return on investment (C) Exceeding customer needs (D) Lower necessity for employee participation 57. Which of the following is NOT a primary function performed by managers? (A) Controlling (B) Planning (C) Leading (D) Selling 58. A company which prefers to hire management through promotions and transfers rather than through public advertising is practicing which of the following? (A) Human resource management
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A Information managing B Database analysis C Data...

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