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midterm review

6 how did bravo approach the 4 ps product bravo

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6. How did Bravo approach the “4 P’s”? Product : Bravo updated the product line by eliminating outdated designs
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and creating a consistent look across products. Burberry’s traditional products were redesigned and some new products were created. There were now three main collections: womenswear, menswear and accessories. Price : Bravo sought to reposition Burberry by putting right between Polo Ralph Lauren and Armani for apparel and between Coach and Gucci for accessories. Place : Bravo decided to curb inconsistencies in price, design, and quality across markets by taking tighter control over distribution by buying some distributors, ending others or renegotiating contracts. Promotion : Bravo promoted the new Burberry brand image by creating a new advertising campaign that included models Kate Moss and Stella Tenant. 7. Burberry has multiple brands, collections, retail stores, distributors, contracts regarding licenses .What is the role of each one of these at Burberry? What did Bravo do to address each one? Brands: Burberry created different brands and collections to gain a wider appeal. Burberry London is the company’s core label, while Prorsum is a luxury brand created to appeal very fashion-forward customers. In regards to non-licensed products, Burberry held control over everything from design to sourcing, manufacturing and distribution. The company also took control over distribution. Bravo was trying to expand the brand in a global perspective, agreeing to global licensing agreements. 8. Was Bravo able to elevate the Burberry brand (and strengthen its brand equity)? Yes, Bravo was able to strengthen the brand’s equity and elevate the Burberry brand. Its profits grew and became one of the world’s leading luxury brands. Burberry won awards under Bravo’s leadership and she even became Fashion CEO of the year. After Bravo began her position, the company had been making huge changes and taking careful steps to expanding the target market while maintaining its elite status. She tried bringing a younger demographic for the trendier teen community. 9. What is Burberry’s “consumer base”? What is Burberry’s “target customer”? Burberry’s customer base ranges from the fashion savvy to the business-man, but the more fashion-conscious customer. Burberry’s target customer was someone who wanted a functional product, and they strived to keep its brand more exclusive, separating the elite from the regulars. 10. How would you grade Bravo’s performance as a marketing manager? I would grave Bravo’s performance as an A. She turned around the company that a small customer base and had strategic and structural issues. Before Bravo, the company had lost its exclusivity. Her ambition to reconstruct the company into a more exclusive and luxurious brand while simultaneously expanding is audience is very apparent.
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6 How did Bravo approach the 4 Ps Product Bravo updated the...

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