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Business Policy Final Review

Distribution process may be able to benefit from some

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distribution process may be able to benefit from some of the same things the beer market benefits from such as: clean bottles/jars, chilled delivery to remote locations Lamoiyan Corporation of the Philippines: Challenging Multinational Giants - Differentiation Strategy o Addressed key problems Customers concerns about inferior local goods played up alliance with Japanese partner Preference for Colgate taste matched the taste Lack of brand awareness marketed brand in many ways - Vertical Integration: Toothpaste tube makers enter the toothpaste market - Technology change - Why this strategy worked in this situation? o Focused on a small niche markets that MNEs could not go after o Duopolies - Economies of scale o The more you produce, the lower per unit cost - Economies of scope Toyota Prius: Developing the Next-Generation Automobile - Considering your competition - Innovation - Value chain - Make or buy (IGBTs) o What is core to my firm?) Oncidium - Professional services industry Global Expansion * See notes “Make vs. Buy” Decision Expands - Make it yourself - Buy it - Form an alliance or a joint venture - Buy a company that makes it, then make it yourself 9:30AM; December 20 th ; Keating 3 rd
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December 7, 2011 Format : a mixture of short, open-ended questions and multiple choice; general theoretical concepts and specific cases
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