chronological chronic dyna power dynamic dynamite dys bad hard unlucky

Chronological chronic dyna power dynamic dynamite dys

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chronological, chronic dyna power dynamic, dynamite dys bad, hard, unlucky dysfunctional, dyslexic gram thing written epigram, telegram graph writing graphic, phonograph hetero different heteronym, heterogeneous homo same homonym, homogenous hydr water hydration, dehydrate hyper over, above, beyond hyperactive, hyperbole hypo below, beneath hypothermia, hypothetical logy study of biology, psychology meter/metr measure thermometer, perimeter micro small microbe, microscope mis/miso hate misanthrope, misogyny mono one monologue, monotonous morph form, shape morphology, morphing nym name antonym, synonym phil love philanthropist, philosophy phobia fear claustrophobia, phobic photo/phos light photograph, phosphorous pseudo false pseudonym, pseudoscience psycho soul, spirit psychology, psychic scope viewing instrument microscope, telescope