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Statement of claim question

9 after he was discharged from hospital greg received

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9. After he was discharged from hospital, Greg received an invoice for $14,500 in respect of his operation and the week spent recovering in the hospital. In addition, he was told by his doctor that he will be required to undergo further rehabilitation and consultations over the next 6 months, which will cost a further $6,000. 10. After the accident, an inspector from the Victorian Workcover Authority attended the building site. You have been provided with a copy of the inspector’s report. The report concluded that the accident was caused by a combination of factors under the control of Acme Building. In particular, the report made findings that the scaffolding was unsafe and should have had a guard rail which would have prevented the fall. Further, the report found that Greg had not been instructed in the proper manner of installing the windows, and should have been supervised by a registered builder.
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11. Greg wants to commence proceedings against Acme Builders in order to recover his contractual entitlements and compensation for his losses. You are instructed to prepare a statement of claim.
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