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Question 12 Points:10 out of 10 Alleles are different versions of a Chromosome Genotype Gene Phenotype Feedback Correct. Different versions of genes are called alleles.
Question 13 Points:10 out of 10 Plum gametes have 24 chromosomes. How many chromosomes would a zygote have?
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24 36 48 Feedback Correct. The zygote would get the 24 chromosomes from the egg and the 24 chromosomes from the sperm. Question 14 Points:10 out of 10 This trait is _______________.
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Correct. The couple on the left have the trait and have children without the trait. Therefore they must be heterozygous (and showing the dominant phenotype), while the children are homozygous recessive (and showing the recessive phenotype). Question 15 Points:10 out of 10 Red flower color is incompletely dominant to white flower color. Two red flowers are crossed. What percentage of their offspring will be red?
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Question 16 Points:10 out of 10 What organism did Mendel study? Ants Yeast Roses Peas
Feedback Correct. Mendel used peas to determine some basic rules for inheritance.
Question 17 Points:10 out of 10 In humans, there are 3 alleles for blood type: A, B, O. A and B are co-dominant over O. A male with O type blood mates with a female with AB type blood. What is the chance that their child will be heterozygous?
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