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3 culture an intricate dynamic process that shapes

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3. Culture: an intricate dynamic process that shapes and is shaped by how people live and experience their everyday realities. 4. Acculturation: the degree to which people adopt beliefs and practices other than their own. 5. Resilience: the ability to thrive despite adversity. 6. Ethnicity: refers to one’s ancestry and country of origin. 7. Class: the stratification of people by their seriocomic statues, shapes a young child’s day to day life. 8. Gender: What it means to be male or female. Chapter 3: Importance of attachment Attachment: refers to a deep emotional tie with a specific person that endures over time and space. According to John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth 1. A child’s secure early relationships promote greater independence and social- emotional competence later on, in accordance with the quality of the child’s ongoing attachment relationships and life experiences. 2. Sensitive and responsive care early in life promotes secure attachments. 3. Children with secure attachments are able to use adults as a secure base for exploring or to return to when sick, fatigued, or threatened.
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Importance of self-regulation Self-regulation:
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