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Addresstypeknd in buildingkindtype as stat varchar225

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create or replace procedure checkstatus(add in building.address%type,knd in building.kind%type) As stat varchar2(25); bn number; begin select b_no into bn from building where kind=knd and address=add; select status into stat from building where b_no=bn; if stat = 'not available' then begin dbms_output.put_line('building is not available'); return; end; else dbms_output.put_line(bn); end if; end checkstatus; begin checkstatus('bb','cc'); end; b-- take the b_no and get the count of customer in it if their number < 15 --set the building status to be 'no enough rent'. create or replace procedure checkscount(bn in building.b_no%type) As cnt number; begin select count(*) into cnt from custbuild where b_no=bn; if cnt< 15 then begin update building set status='not enough rent' where b_no=bn; dbms_output.put_line('not enough rent'); end; else dbms_output.put_line(cnt); end if; end checkscount; begin checkscount(1); end; Assignment: Q1: You have the following tables: Book (ISBN, title, edition) Member (ID, m_name, age) ReserveBook (I_SBN, i_d, date) Create a procedure that accept the book title and list all the member names that borrowed this book. The procedure should return error message if title is missing or not found. Q2: You have the following tables: Hotel (H_id, h_name, contactperson) Room (R_id, Floor_no, occupied) Reserve (H_id, R_id, Guestname, date)
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Create a procedure for adding new hotel. Stored procedure should get an error when a duplicate name is entered. Q3: You have the following tables: Car (carno, model, hourprice) Driver (d_no, d_name) WorkDetail (trans_no, carno, dno) Create a procedure that accept specific car model and return numbers of drivers who drove this car.
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addresstypeknd in buildingkindtype As stat varchar225 bn...

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