IPK COLLEGE Assignment Brief and Guidance Scenario and activity You have

Ipk college assignment brief and guidance scenario

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IPK COLLEGE Assignment Brief and Guidance: Scenario and activity: You have recently established your own Financial Management Consultancy and have been invited to make a ‘pitch’ to a potential client (Eagle & Pagoda Brand Teck Aun Medical Factory Sdn. Bhd). In your report, your aim is to persuade the client of the value of financial management and financial management techniques in informing decisions, maximising performance and helping to ensure long-term sustainable growth. Write a report which cover: a) An evaluation of a range of approaches, techniques and factors which contribute to effective decision making in an organisation. b) Stakeholder management and the management of conflicting objectives of different stakeholder groups. c) The value of management accounting techniques in cost control and maximising shareholder value. d) Techniques for fraud detection and prevention and the approach to ethical decision making
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