Thymus gland pericardium heart pulmonary artery

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Thymus Gland Pericardium Heart Pulmonary artery Aortic arch Ductus arteriosus Posterior vena cava Anterior vena cava Lungs Right – four lobes Left – three lobes Follow directions on p69 to observe: Pulmonary artery Pulmonary vein bronchioles Pleura Parietal visceral Trachea Follow directions on p69 to look at the rings of cartilage Bronchi Esophagus Larynx Epiglottis Vocal folds Thyroid gland You must know & understand fetal circulation (p100-101) umbilical arteries umbilical cord umbilical vein ductus venosus foraman ovale ductus arteriosus know the order of circulation from mom to fetus! Urinary system (p105) kidneys renal arteries renal veins ureters hilus cut one kidney (p105) to see renal cortex renal medulla urinary bladder Genital system – female (p106) ovaries uterine horns uterus vagina urogenital sinus Genital system – male (p108) testes epididymis vas deferens spermatic cord inguinal canal urogenital canal bulbo urethral glands penis You are responsible for knowing both male and female parts, so trade pigs!
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