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2013-2014 USGA Application

2 be a full time undergraduate student 3 not have a

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2. Be a full-time undergraduate student. 3. Not have a standing judicial sanction. Candidates must submit this application, a paper copy of their speech in its entirety, and a maximum 50 word summary of their speech and/or qualifications and goals (for use by The Triangle during Elections coverage) by the application deadline of Friday, May 10 th , 2013 at 5pm to the Dean of Students Office. III. A VAILABLE P OSITIONS President* Archivist Treasurer Events Director Personnel Director Media & Marketing Director Technology Director Commuter Student Representative Residential Living Representative Greek Life Representative International Student Representative Student Organization Representative Transfer Student Representative Athletics Representative College of Information Science & Technology Representative College of Arts and Sciences Representative College of Business Representative College of Engineering Representative A. W. College of Media Arts & Design Representative Goodwin College Representative School of Biomedical Engineering Representative School of Nursing and Health Professions Representative Co-operative Education Representative * Individuals running for the President position must have at least one prior term of experience in the USGA to be eligible for candidacy. Specific requirements related to these positions can be found in the USGA Constitution at www.drexelusga.org. If you have further questions regarding a position, e-mail Adam Daniels at [email protected] IV. N OMINATIONS FOR C ANDIDACY A nomination form is included in this packet. Each candidate is required to collect 25 signatures of support from the full-time undergraduate student population.
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