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Or so including making his own personal network of

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or so, including making his own personal network of power players at the company, Browning should be prepared enough to move on to the next stage, which is playing off the group dynamics to come up with a solution that will best motivate the employees to realize the needs for change. From there, it is best to set structured, measurable goals that are communicated effectively throughout the company as well as giving small rewards when a small gain is made, which should be implemented over the period of around one to two months. The overall timeline should be around a year as long as Browning plans well enough to see forms of measurable change to show to his boss. Dealing with the Major Players The major players mentioned in the case are Art Lawson, Jim Stark and Tom Green. With each of these men, it is important to deal with them on an individual basis rather than group them into one batch and try to do an overall solution. For Art Lawson, as he is Browning’s boss, he will be both the most difficult person to empower to change and the most important. Lawson clearly believes in the employee loyalty tradition that White set up and does not see any need to make drastic changes, but his influence over the company’s progress will be valuable. In order to convince Lawson, he should probably use some method of externalizing the enemy over to one of White Cap’s competitors, which will not only give a sense of urgency, but will also maintain the family-style tradition of the company. As the marketing department is a key problem in the company, naturally Jim Stark as the director will also be an important player in order to be able to sell certain changes that are happening within the company to clients. With
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or so including making his own personal network of power...

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