03 accept responsibility for own work and work area

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03.03 Accept responsibility for own work and work area 03.04 Seek and act constructively upon feedback about performance 03.05 Demonstrate safety skills 03.06 Respond appropriately to people and situations 03.07 Resolve interpersonal conflicts 03.08 Develop and maintain a cooperation within work group 04.01 Organize own work activities 04.02 Set and revise own objectives and goals 04.03 Organize and maintain own workplace 04.04 Apply problem solving strategies 04.05 Demonstrate initiative and flexibility 06.01 Understand systems 06.02 Comply with and follow chain of command 06.03 Identify and highlight problems 06.04 Adapt competencies to new situations/systems 06.05 Analyze technical systems 06.06 Monitor and correct performance of systems 1. Communication Skills 2. Conceptual Skills 3. Interpersonal Skills 4. Learning Skills 5. Leadership Skills 6. Multitasking and prioritizing 7. Self-discipline 8. Teamwork
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