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Applications & Genomics

7 which of the following statements is not true

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7. Which of the following statements is not true, concerning the comparisons between genetic, physical, and cytogenetic maps? A) The distance between two linked markers is the same in genetic and physical maps because crossing-over occurs with equal frequency along the entire length of the chromosome. B) Restriction maps, contig maps, and STS maps are examples of physical maps. C) In physical maps, the distances between markers are given in megabases (Mb) where 1 Mb is approximately equal to 1 cM. D) The banding patterns of chromosomes created by different staining techniques are used in constructing cytogenetic maps. E) In genetic maps, the distances between various markers (for example, genes or RFLPs) are given in map units or centiMorgans. 10. A minisatellite marker band present in a mother A) must be present in all children B) cannot be present in any of her children C) will be rare in her children D) will be in 1/4 of her children on average E) will be in 1/2 of her children on average
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Evolutionary Genetics Genetic Jeopardy To play Jeopardy, the answer is given. You must supply the question. For example: The molecular characterization of entire genomes Answer : What is genomics ? 1. DNA present in single copy within the genome 2. DNA present in several copies in end-to-end arrays 3. Most abundant type of sequence present in the human genome 4. Neutral DNA variations for high resolution meiotic recombination maps 5. A set of overlapping clones 6. Use of overlapping clones to map fragments 10. A DNA variation that occurs as one base-pair difference every 1000 base pairs in human DNA 11. One- to five-kilobase sequence consisting of variable numbers of a repeating unit 15 to 100 nucleotides long (in humans) 12. Markers based on variation in the number of short tandem repeats 14. A multiple restriction digest of clone used in ordering clones 19. Samples of DNA laid out in regimented arrays bound to a piece of glass the size of a
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7 Which of the following statements is not true concerning...

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